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Black Lacquer (BL) consists of 3 unique brands, with a business scope covering all spectrums of interior design and architecture arena.
By creating projects in our unique one-of-a-kind style, Our Vision is to become one of the best international design company. Our diverse team of experts, with various backgrounds, make dreams of a luxurious and comfortable life come true.
The art of living in the style of Black Lacquer can be described as the manifesto of individuality, ongoing creative pursuit and a modern view on heritage. We provide our clients a new quality of life with a sense of exclusivity for many years forward.
Once we start the design process reaching to the furniture production, our benchmark is to innovate a luxurious lifestyle, offering a unique experience and and high-quality services to the customer.
The unique concept of the group is based on three key milestones: the inner growth, the principle of “interior as art” and a diverse innovative approach. We follow global trends, draw inspiration from the world of fashion and design, and expand the geography scope of our projects.
Our success defines our vision of the modern luxury from a global perspective, the quality of services and the responsible creative approach of our team. It allows us to achieve new goals with every new project and become a part of the design of the future.

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